Top 6 alternatives to Google Photos: Storage & Pricing Storage & Pricing

Top 6 alternatives to Google Photos: Storage & Pricing Storage & Pricing

10 June 2023 0 By Harshvardhan Mishra

Google Photos has been a must-have application due to its unlimited storage backup. However, the tech company brought changes to its policy, and starting from tomorrow users will be expected to subscribe to Google One plans if their Google account data goes beyond 15 GB.

Both high-resolution and original photos and videos will be counted against Google’s free 15GB of storage (which includes Gmail and Drive). Both “high quality” and “original quality” photographs and videos will count towards your 15GB of free storage starting June 1, 2021.

We have tested countless photo storage apps and picked out the most affordable and efficient for your use. If you decide not to continue with Google Photos, any of the following apps will be perfect.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a good alternative to Google Photos if you use other Microsoft services. There’s a gallery view for storing photos, as well as an option for automatic image tagging. Other Microsoft services are also included.

There are plenty of subscription options to go with. With no other Microsoft services, the 100GB storage package costs Rs 140 per month. The most basic storage plan is free, however, it only allows for 5GB of storage. Microsoft 365 Personal is Rs 489 per month or Rs 4,899 per year. You’ll get 1TB of storage and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint.

Apple iCloud and Apple One

You have two options if you are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. You can choose between iCloud plans and Apple One, a combined subscription service. Apple One provides you access to Apple Arcade, TV+, and Music, as well as iCloud storage.

There are a couple of package deals that you can opt for if you decide to stay within the Apple ecosystem. The cheapest iCloud storage package is Rs 75 for 50GB, Rs 219 for 200GB, and Rs 749 for 2TB. The Apple One Plan, which costs Rs 195 a month and includes 50GB of iCloud storage, is a good deal. The monthly subscription for Rs 365 includes 200GB of iCloud storage.

Amazon Photos

For those looking for Google Photos alternatives, Amazon Photos is another good option. It provides editing and sharing capabilities and the ability to share with up to five family members.

This photo storage alternative does not have a variety of subscription options but it is still is a commendable service. Amazon Prime membership includes access to Amazon Photos. It costs $1.99 per month for non-prime members to get 100GB of storage.


DigiBoxx is a native cloud storage platform that provides 20GB of free storage space. It has features such as end-to-end encryption and Gmail integration. Whereas, the monthly fee for 100GB of storage is Rs 30, while the annual fee for 5TB of storage is Rs 360.


Dropbox is commonly thought of as a file-sharing service, but it is much more. DropBox is a cloud storage platform with features such as DropBox Passwords and DropBox Transfers. There are only 2GB of free storage, but there are subscription options available. The storage and other perks package starts at $9.99 per month. Which is quite a reasonable price for such amazing features.

Flickr Pro

Flickr is a well-known online photo storage and management platform. It features a Pro option that allows customers to have unlimited storage and other advantages. The monthly storage plan costs $7.99 (approximately Rs 580) each month, while the annual storage plan costs $71.88 per year. It may seem a bit pricey but it ideal for editing pictures and professionals. It comes with premium features that allow users to edit their photos and save them in high quality.

In other news

When Google announced the change to its unlimited storage, users were quite disappointed. Google Photos had been a reliable and efficient option to store high-quality photos. It automatically backed up photos from your device with any manual processes. The additional features such as editing and tags helped keep your phone’s gallery sorted and organized. Most users may now look for alternatives to Google Photos rather than pay for Google One plans since Google Photo’s most appealing feature was that users got to save their precious memories at no cost.

As of now, it is unclear where the horde of Google Photos users will go to. The aforementioned storage options seem like a safe bet but people might look for free storage options, which may not be the most secure option.

In adoption, Google Photos had even come with a feature that signals out duplicate photos hence users will no longer have to look for photo cleaning applications to get rid of all the unwanted clutter on their phone’s gallery.